Q?How do I determine if my hair is Short, Long, or XLong?

I consider Short hair anything above the shoulder.  I consider Long hair from the shoulder to the shoulder blades, and X-Long hair anything below the shoulder blades.

Q?Do you cut curly hair wet or dry?

There is always the exception to the rule, but I would prefer to cut curly hair dry

Q?When I come in to get my Curly Cut, how do you want my hair?

I need to see your hair in a very natural state.  I would prefer it clean, totally dry, and without any clips, barrettes, or ponytails during or after the drying process.  If you have these items in your hair when you come in or before you come in, the cut will not be as precise.

Q?Why is there a price difference between the Curly Cuts and regular Hair Design?

Curly Cuts take more time.  In some instances I have to cut curl by curl.  With each Curly Cut, my curly client will leave the studio with not only great hair, but a wealth of education on how to maintain her curls at home.  Depending on the length of your hair, please allow 1 1/2 to 2+ hours for your very first Curly Cut appointment.

Q?Do you only do Curly Cuts on women?

No.  Most of my clients are women, however I do have male clients with curls.

Q?Am I required to purchase product with my curly cut?

While I don’t require you to purchase product, I will educate you during your visit on how the right product for your curl type will make styling at home and care for your curls much easier.  I always appreciate the retail support from my dedicated clients.

Q?Aren’t curls just wash and go?

Contrary to popular belief curls are NOT typically wash and go.  If you want frizz-free, styled, professional looking curls, then proper cut, correct product, proper technique in applying the product, and drying technique all factor into how your curls ultimately will look.

Q?Can you straighten my curls?

Like anyone, curly clients like to wear their hair different from day to day.  While my emphasis is on showing you how to wear your curls with the most ease, usually in their natural curly style, I do offer temporary smoothing and semi-permanent treatments.

Q?What makes you a Curl Specialist?

I have done extensive training with curly hair.  I attend as much continued education as I can get my hands on in curly hair.  I actually am Certified in Curly hair.  Yes, there is such a thing!  Most importantly, I believe, is that I actually have very tight curly hair myself!  And I love it!!

Q?How long can I expect to go between Curly Cut appointments?

Everyone’s curls grow at different speeds. However Curly Clients don’t typically have to come into the salon as often as those clients with straight hair.  Generally, Curly Clients can go 8-12 weeks between appointments.  Due to my tight client schedule, I do require all clients to reschedule at the time of their service.   As I get to know your hair, I will have a better idea on how long between appointments that best suits your hair needs.  Missed, late, or rescheduled appointments may result in being dropped from my client base.  My books are very full, so please allow 3-4 weeks if calling for appointment.

Q?Is what I see on your price list exactly what I can expect to pay?

My price list is a good tool in determining what your appointment may cost.  Keep in mind other factors can affect prices such as thickness, hair porosity, damaged hair, etc.  Also, prices can change without notice.

Q?Do you only cut Curly Hair?

No.  Although I specialize in curls, I have many clients with different hair types.  Even thin, fine hair!! All hair types welcome!

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