NOTE:  It’s understandable if you have to cancel/reschedule your appointment.  Life happens & I do understand that.  However, a 24-48hr notice is greatly appreciated if you need to re-schedule.  If you cancel or reschedule the day of your appointment or are a no show, I will require a full payment of the upcoming service to re-book your next appointment.   Thank you for your understanding.

Brazilian Blowout (Soften curl & lessen frizz) & Japanese Straightener (Removes curl 2-3 months) haircut not included in price

Prices starting at $175 for first 1 1/2 hour of treatment.  However prices will vary due to hair length, density, and amount of product needed and time on the books.  (on average you can rough estimate $25/hr thereafter)

Reverse Perm (Removes curl, not as effective as Japanese technique) Lasts about 1-2 months (haircut not included in price)

Starting at $105 for the first 1 1/2 hour.  (on average you can rough estimate $25/hr thereafter)



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