Being “blessed” with curly hair has meant having every product and
gadget ever made in the hopes of someday getting all of the wild
tresses under control. It has also meant having very few choices in
hair professionals that understand and that can truly cut or style
curls. That was all before I met Kari. I knew when I first met her
that she understood curly hair because she had some of the most
perfect ringlets I’d ever seen. I was so excited when she told me that
she actually did hair and specialized in curl cuts, care and products!
I really felt that it was my lucky day when I found out that she had a
beautiful shop just a few miles from my home! She also carries some of
the best product lines for curls of all types and textures AND – she
knows more tips and styling tricks than anyone! She is also such an
enjoyable person to visit with while she works her magic. I recommend
her to everyone I know. If you are looking to finally love your locks,
Kari is definitely the person to see. –Erin